Ufone Mufta – A customer deceiving offer!

Guest Post By Nadir Janjua

The latest Ufone’s Mufta offer grabs one’s attention with the ad but once you begin to get into all the Mufta Ufone is promising to offer, you find out what bundle of lies they are throwing right in your face. The Mufta offer does not allow discount on ALL Ufone numbers as the discount (the free calls between 12am-9am and calls free after 1st minute during 9am-12am) is only valid if called party is also on “Ufone’s UTH PACKAGE”.

Ufone Mufta Offer misleads people by saying that it is completely free but as soon as you try to subscribe the offer, it charges Rs. 20 upfront as subscription fee and then on top of it, daily charges of Rs 2 also apply.

Both Ufone and Mobilink are making funny ads to hit at each other’s offer. No wonder both companies’ ads are hilarious and entertaining but close comparison of these two offers show that Ufone Mufta Offer is very weak in front of Jazz Na Qabil e Yaqeen (NYQ) offer. Ufone Mufta offer charges Rs. 20 on subscription with Rs. 2 per day while Jazz NYQ offer charges Rs. 7 per day only.

Also, on Jazz NYQ offer, calls are 100 percent free on any 3 friends and family numbers 24 hours a day but in Ufone Mufta offer, there are predefined time bands like free calls on Uth package numbers only from midnight to 9am and call free after 1st minutes only on Uth package numbers between 9am to midnight.

Judging from that and then looking at Ufone ad where they say “2-3 nahin lakhon numbers per bilkul free calls…” it is highly deceiving because not all laakhon numbers are going to be UTH package numbers on any one user’s number. Also, Uth Mufta offer stands right now as the most expensive 24 hour free calls package by any network. The most economical package is offered by Jazz NYQ offer at Rs. 6.99 per day, then by Telenor 24Hr offer at Rs. 9.99/day.

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