Ufone: Uth (Youth) Package

Finnaly ufone back with another exciting offer although it is much similar to the other mobile networks youth packages such as Glow and Djuice hence it is very different from them. It is bit FNF o & Night Calls offer as off-net and on-net rates are quite high rates.


  • Daily Charges are Rs. 1 plus tax
  • Package selection will cost you Rs. 10 plus tax
  • You can have 5 FNF numbers of Ufone, PTCL or combination of both
  • Free calls after 2 minutes during nights are only for Ufone to Ufone calls
  • Maximum call duration can be 59:59 minutes

How to subscribe

Dial 444 to subscribe to Ufone Youth Package

14 thoughts on “Ufone: Uth (Youth) Package

    1. Write an sms with numbers u want to add containing commas(,) and Send It to 363 Your FnF Numbers will be Activated.

      For Example

      03339911778,03339911118,03339911558,03339911668,0512233556 send them to 363

  1. Yesterday On 27 Of Ramadan Uth Promotion 24hr Free Calls Has Ended And Those Subscribers Who Will Remain On Uth Package Till 14th of October Will get This Promotion 24Hr Free Calls Till 14th November Without any Activation Charges.

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