Huawei to Withdraw Petition against Warid

Huawei, a Chinese telecom vendor, is likely to withdraw the Dubai’s Warid Wind-up Petition in next couple of days, amid high-level negotiations between Huawei and UAE-based Dhabi Group back in China, told highly placed source close to the situation.

Senior official of Huawei’s Pakistan Legal Department who is also duly constituted attorney of the company has confirmed and said that company is considering withdrawing the petition. However a certain date wasn’t communicated on this. He further confirmed that high-level delegation from Dhabi group is in China for re-scheduling the pending payment. “In response of vigorously pursuing the petitions by us, Warid’s Senior Delegation is right now in China and having very constructive meetings with us in the presence of China Development Bank.” A joint press conference is expected this week in which Corporate Communications Director of Huawei will announce details.

Recently filed petition against Warid Telecom of Pakistan has caused Huawei serious reputation damage as mobile networks are going to get more conscious before contracting Chinese top network vendor. Civil Society also showed the serious concerns over legal action from Huawei by saying it an unwanted, unnecessary and harsh step from Huawei and suggests both multi-national companies to resolve the issue outside the court. “The company responsible for the situation must act immediately to control damage otherwise it may hurt its interests in many countries” Warned a local economy-focused think-tank.

Earlier, the Chairman of Dhabi Group and Warid Telecom also wrote a very positive and polite letter to the President of Huawei on the 12th of June this year which shows Warid’s intention of reaching a peaceful solution regarding this matter. But Huawei ignored the letter and filed a petition in the Lahore High Court, Rawalpindi bench with the subject; “Winding up Warid Telecom Ltd”. The public notice issued by Lahore High Court Rawalpindi bench on 30th September has also been published in national newspapers.

Sources close to Huawei have disclosed that decision of going into court against mere 100 million dollar was taken solely by some individuals based in Pakistan and Middle East Legal Departments, while top management was not fully endorsed. It is also learned that rewarding the blue-eyed lawyer of Huawei could be a reason of filing of petition. Source said that the lawyer was paid as high as PKR 20 Million for the case.

Moreover, our sources in Warid informed that Huawei transmits just 7 Percent of Warid’s total traffic. Hence Huawei’s appeal for liquidating the company, worth multi billion dollar, for paying just 100 million is considered as over re-action to damage the reputation of Warid.

We tried to get official viewpoint from Huawei’s media managers in Pakistan, but according to them, they are ignorant of this case and denied to comment on the situation by saying “The case is in the court now, so it is not appropriate for us to comment on it”. On responding our inquiry about the recently-issued media statement by Huawei, they revealed that it was actually issued by Huawei Middle East, not by Huawei Pakistan and the Regional office is looking after this case in the press. The PR Agency in Pakistan, who issued the statement on Huawei’s behalf, also confirmed that this media project is outsourced to them by a Dubai-based PR Agency. The current situation clearly shows Huawei’s lack of coordination and managerial flaws to tackle this sensitive issue.

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