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Free Calls Offers Analysis: Warid Joins the race with no better package!

Guest Post by Nadir Janjua

Warid has launched a new offer “Din Raat” on their Glow Package. This step has been taken as all the networks in our telecom industry are going aggressively competitive on free calls offers. The race began with Ufone and Mobilink offers with Ufone coming up with extremely deceiving and shockingly expensive Mufta offer while on the other hand, Mobilink with its Jazz offered two good and quite attractive free call packages.

Telenor’s 24 hour free calls offer is also quite economical after Jazz offers. The last one to enter was Warid with Din Raat offer but the offer is quite pathetic and is only second most expensive after Ufone’s Mufta offer. Below is a table of free calls offer analysis of all four networks minus Zong.

This is just the beginning, with the way competition is raging between all these telcos, the all-time famous jumla fits quite perfectly; “Aagay Aagay Dekho Hota Hai Kya!”


Free Calls Offer Comparison



Din Raat on Glow Package offer: Din: Rs. 1.99+tax / 30 min (8am to 5pm, (Monday to Friday) and Raat: Rs. 2.99+tax / call

(This rate is already applicable for Glow users for calls in the Nights & Weekends)

Activation Charges are Rs.10 for Glow customers  and Rs. 25 for other Warid Prepaid customers

  • Not industry competitive offer
  • Activation charges are highest after Ufone
  • Rs. 1+tax will be charged only on the first Glow Gang call made in a day on Glow 1 & Glow 2 with Raat Din Offer
  • Glow 2 rates are (Onnet Rs. 0.75 / 30 sec, Offnet 0.85 / 30 sec, FnF 0.61 / 30 sec, FnF night (11 p.m. to 8 a.m.) Rs. 2.99 / hour)


Full Time Mufta Offer: Applicable for Uth to Uth calls only, Free Calls between 12 a.m. and 9 a.m., Free after 1 min between 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., Activation Charges Rs. 20

  • Most expensive deceiving offer among all the prevailing day and night free calls offer
  • Only applicable in set time period
  • Subscription charges are hidden and also the highest
  • Only limited to Uth numbers


24 Hours Free Calls Offer: Free Calls for 3 FnF numbers at Rs. 9.99 / day

  • Reasonable offer only for 3 friends and friendly numbers
  • They can reduce subscription charges a little to become more economical and competitive


Non Stop Call Masti Offer: Free Calls after 2 minutes i.e. Rs. 4 / hour and for FnF it is Rs. 1.80 / hour, Rs. 1 Daily Charge

Na Qabil-e-Yaqeen Offer: Free Calls for 3 FnF numbers at Rs. 6.99 / day

  • Most affordable offers offered by Jazz with lowest daily charges
  • FnF price of Non Stop Call Masti is also lower than Warid offer
  • No activation charges
  • Applicable for complete 24 hours / 7 days a week

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