Warid Glow Raat Din Offer

Finally Glow is also in the race of day time hourly packages with the same name as Djuice Din raat offer.

The Raat Din offer gives customers the benefit of talking to their On-net Glow Gang Friends Day and Night at lowest rates.

Glow customers can also choose from the vast variety of SMS bundles and Mobile Internet packages according to their usage. Now with Glow, you can Feel Free!

Now you can make calls to all your On-net Glow Gang Friends:

Raat – Rs. 2.99 / hour

(For calls on Nights & Weekends) For details, please see Glow 1 & Glow 2 Plans

Din – Rs. 1.99 / 30 min

8am to 5pm, (Monday to Friday)

Please note all Glow customers can avail this offer while being on their existing package whereas for rest of the Warid Prepaid subscribers this offer is only available on Glow 2.0. Rs.1 only will be charged on the first Glow Gang call made in a day on Glow 1 & Glow 2 with Raat Din offer.

To Activate:

  • SMS Glow to 7777 or call 321
  • New Warid Customers: Dial 789 Existing Warid Customers: Dial 321 or SMS Glow to 7777
  • Port-In (MNP): Dial 0321-321-321-1 and switch to Warid whilst keeping your existing number and network code

Activation Charges:

Rs.10 for Glow customers

Rs. 25 for other Warid Prepaid customers

Terms & Conditions

  • 19.5% FED on usage & 10% withholding tax on recharge apply.
  • “Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA”
  • Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion
  • For Prepaid connection, please make sure that you submit your Warid connection form with a copy of your NIC.
  • All calls will automatically disconnect after 50 minutes

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