ZONG Number Blocking Service (Call & SMS)

Keeping in view the agitation that subscribers come across from obnoxious callers, ZONG is launching a Call and SMS blocking together for the first time in Pakistan. Block all unwanted calls and SMS that are being sent to your phone with the help of this service and obtain peace of mind. Through this service you can:

  • Block any particular number from allowing to make a call to their number
  • Block any particular number from allowing to send a SMS to their number
  • Any subscriber will have the option of blocking a total of 50 numbers


Subscription / Call to Action

Subscriber will just have to dial in to 9211 to subscribe to Call and SMS blocking service simultaneously.

Furthermore we are launching an application on ‘facebook’ through which the subscribers will be able block / unblock numbers and edit their block list. Either the subscriber can log into face book directly or go to our website to access their block list.


  • Service charges for calling to 9211 — As per Package Plan.
  • Subscription charges for the Call and SMS Block service — Rs. 15.00 / month + tax


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