ZONG Facebook Application

The Zong Facebook application allows Zong subscribers to stay in touch with their Facebook friends even when they are not in front of a PC, via Zong SMS.zong-facebook-application1

Using the Zong Facebook application, users are able to:

  • Update their Facebook status via SMS
  • Subscribe to receive Facebook Notification SMS alert

Adding Facebook Application
Before a user is able to use these features. He / she must add the Zong Facebook application to their Facebook profile. To do so users must visit the following URL and follow the flow:


Updating Facebook Status
Using Zong SMS, Zong subscribers are able to update their Facebook status while on the move.

After having added the Zong Facebook application to their profile, a Zong subscriber simply has to send the following command to the service short code 3223 to update their Facebook status:


For example:
ST is at the cinema 🙂

The application updates the user’s Facebook status on their behalf and sends a response message containing their new status. The new status is now visible to the user’s friend.

Facebook Notification SMS Alerts
In addition to updating their Facebook status, Zong subscribers are also able to subscribe to Facebook Notification SMS alerts. By subscribing to notification alerts, a user gets an SMS alert when:

  • They receive a new wall message
  • They receive a friend request
  • Someone pokes them
  • They receive a message

A Zong subscriber can subscribe to Facebook Notifications alerts by sending SUB to 3223. Once subscribed via SMS, a user must install the Zong Facebook application to activate the Notification Alerts feature.

To unsubscribe from the service a subscriber sends OFF to the 3223.

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