Ufone Solid Offer is Expiring Today..!!


Reminder to Ufone users who were using Solid Offer for last three months, Ufone Solid Offer is expiring today (31 March,2010), with no further extension this time. Solid Offer is ending tonight at 11:59 PM.

Ufone extended Solid offer twice,(Starts form 5  Januray,2010  to 5 Feburary,2010 Then 5 Feburay,2010 to 5 March and At Last 31 March,2010) before it decided to permanently end the package tonight.

Ufone has already notified its customers about expiration of this package, through SMS and other communication channels. After expiration of Solid Offer, Ufone users will retain normal Ufone packages, as they had before Solid Offer.

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