Telenor Karo Mumkin is Copied from Pepsi?

As we have covered earlier about the new Easy Paisa TV Ad which copy of HTC Mobile’s ad Telenor again did the same thing by copying the whole idea of Pepsi Refresh Project. When we visited the both websites we found both of them almost same although Telenor’s website is created by using WordPress. We have not seen such thefts at this position. I wonder why telenor is doing such a things when they have such talented people with them they should find their own ideas as they are paying their creative team just to give them unique ideas. Well this is a serious talk here are the both website’s link and screenshots.

Telenor Karo Mumkin page:

Pepsi Refresh Project:



One thought on “Telenor Karo Mumkin is Copied from Pepsi?

  1. It a no surprise for me that this “theft” happened. Most of the people in pakistan are so used to of stealing and getting stealed, of every kind, weitehr ideas, property, basic rights, dignity, apart from monetary things .Its heart wrenching but true to the sense that now its a custom, part of our culture. Teachers are stealing research theses to get PhD, shopowner steal people’ money by giving sub standard items and the list goes on.

    Years ago, someone told me (which i diagree at that time) that fraud and “do numberiat” has hit us and is now increasong, especially among those who are considered “upari ashrafia class” for which i laughed out but now……….

    PS Note: my ideas are based on my experiences. There are good people but where are they, I am unable to find any.

    Applogies in advance if someone find it personal, but only for those who are “imaandar” to others. Bakion ki fikar nahin

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