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Pring to charge soon !

Pring Pakistani Mobile Social Media Network which support Facebook and Twitter. Pring has made its name in Pakistan as a mobile social network and gained quite good response from the users. Since it is a very unique service in Pakistan. Finally pring has decide to charge you for outgoing SMS , Incoming will remain free the charges for outgoing SMS will be Rs. 0.50 + Tax.

Well we have to see what response they now get from users as many people in Pakistan are not interested to spend money on these soft of services . Anyhow this will let the pring to control the heavy traffic.

4 thoughts on “Pring to charge soon !

  1. Thanks for covering us. It’s true, we’ve started charging, currently only on Zong at Rs 0.5+Tax (about 0.6 in total) per SMS sent to us. You can still recieve messages for free on your cellphone as well as use the free web interface. We’re seeing massive growth in our traffic which cannot be sustained for free with our Mobile partners. Charging will enable us to grow the service even more by getting more needed bandwidth and Operator buy-in.

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