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Mobilink Unveils True Colors of Homeland on Pakistan Day

Pakistan is a land blessed with unsurpassed natural beauty and culture. From the gleaming white snows on the peaks of Karakorum and Himalayas to the golden sands of the Cholistan and Thar deserts, from the depths of fabled valleys of Naran and Kaghan to the flowing waters of magnificent lakes and rivers, our homeland is a haven of exquisite sites and natural resources.

Pakistan is one of the striking tourist destinations on the world map, a land that has ancient history so enchanting and culture so exotically diverse that its existence is no less than a spectacle of divine creation. On this Pakistan Day, the country’s largest cellular company, Mobilink is paying a tribute to the colors and beauty of our homeland in the form of a documentary.

This small 5-part video documentary on True Colors of Pakistan is an effort on part of Mobilink to let people from all corners of the world witness unfathomable natural beauty and infinite flavors of cultural traditions of this beautiful piece of land. It is Mobilink’s patriotic endeavor to let all Pakistani be proud of their beloved homeland and to celebrate its existence on such a landmark day as today, 23rd of March, 2010 – the Pakistan Day.

Let there be peace and prosperity, let there be happiness and love. Let there be freedom in purest form and let there be hope for the flourishing future to come. God Bless Pakistan!

The True Colors of Pakistan video documentary  is available on Simply Mobilink YouTube Channel


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