3rd TeleCON-2010 on April 24 in Lahore

The 3RD Global Telecommunication Congress 2010 (TeleCON 2010) with a special emphasis on “Taking Pakistan to the Next Level of Technology Frontiers” is being organized on April 24 at the Pearl Continental Hotel-Lahore by SHAMROCK Conferences International. This high profiled forum is held annually, under the patronage of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

TeleCON-2010 is the third in a successful series of Telecom conferences designed to assemble the Industry-Specialists, Regulators, Technologists, Speakers and investors from national and global institutions, including the Government and Private sectors. These experts will discuss challenges & opportunities to equip this dynamic sector with revolutionary modern technology available in the developed world. Deliberations on Foreign-Direct Investment during the global economic revival will also be held.

Ammad Hassan Shah, Head of Conferences at SHAMROCK Conferences International (SCI) said, “The national telecom objectives and policies need prompt realignment with the rapid technological advancements in global telecom. Over the years, this forum has inspired innovative initiatives for evolved operations in Rural Area Connectivity, Broadband, Wireless Access, Connectivity, Mobility, Safety and Security.”

Similar to the TeleCON forums in the past, the upcoming moot will attract leading names from prominent telecom organizations. Proactive leaders in Telecom, GSMA and the Cyber technologies are expected to share their wisdom to enable seamless, instant connectivity throughout Pakistan, delivering highest quality and futuristic capabilities.

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