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Twitter Peek Device designed only for Twitter

For those of you who can’t get enough Twitter where ever you go and don’t want to get locked into a big monthly contract with a cell phone company then the Twitter Peek is for you. Developed by Peek, the company which developed the Peek and Peek Pronto the mobile email devices.

Read Tweets
Send Tweets
Direct Message
View Twitpics
Read Links
Download Followers

Keyboard Shortcuts

Within your homescreen:
Enter key: open selected tweet
C & T: new tweet
R: reply to tweet
D: direct message
Shift+R: retweet
F, L: jump to first and last tweet, respectively, of a folder
Space bar: page down
Shift+space bar: page up
Shift+@: my @mentions
Shift+D: my DMs

When viewing a tweet:
R, D, Shift+R: reply, direct message, retweet
N, P: Jump to next, previous tweet

When writing a tweet:
Hold number: symbol
Hold letter: autocaps
Shift+scroll: move cursor left and right

Within your Followers/Following list:
Letter keys: Jump to Twitter username beginning w/ that character
Space bar: page down
Shift+space: page up


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