Telenor SMS Translator

Continuing with the innovative tradition telenor presents SMS translation service. This service allows subscribers to translate any phrase from one of the 14 supported languages to another. The system has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) built-in that detects the phrase language without the user needing to specify the source language. All the user needs to do is tell the service in which target language the translation is required.

Another feature of this service is that it provides translation in the destination language characters as well as in Roman characters. For example, if Chinese Translation is required for ‘How are you?’, then translation will be provided in Chinese Text as well as Roman Characters, i.e. Chinese Text: ‘您好吗? Roman Text: nin hao ma ? This functionality ensures that Mobile Handsets that do not support certain languages characters may still use this service and foreign users may be able to read the Roman text easily.

How to use the Service?
The following command is to be sent to 808 to use this service:

‘target language code<space>Sentence’

Following are the languages and their codes that are supported. The codes are simply based on the first two characters of the name of each language.

Language Language Code
Arabic Ar
Chinese Ch
English En
French Fr
German Ge
Italian It
Japanese Ja
Korean Ko
Norwegian No
Portuguese Po
Spanish Sp
Thai Th
Turkish Tu
Urdu Ur

Every SMS sent on short-code 808 will be charged at Rs 3+Tax.
for more details pls call “345” or visit

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