Samsung Introduces Pixon12 – Another 12 Megapixel Monster



Samsung have long been rumored to have a 12 megapixel cameraphone in the works. Well, now it sees daylight for the first time – meet the Pixon12 – the first 12MP cameraphone to hit the market, scheduled for a June launch.

The M8910 is the model number standing behind the Pixon12. The new cameraphone pointed as Sony Ericsson Satio (a.k.a. Idou) competitor makes its mark with a 3.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a highly advertised 10000:1 contrast.

And taking where the original Pixon left, the Samsun Pixon12 now sports Wi-Fi connectivity along with the GPS receiver.

The Samsung Pixon12 camera goes further in to the mobile photography offering a 28mm wide-angle lens, both a xenon and a power LED flash (how’s that for a change), D1 video recording at 30fps, tracking Touch Auto Focus, Smart Auto mode changing with the lighting conditions and all the rest typical high-end camera features such as geo-tagging, face detection, etc.

The rest of the Samsung Pixon12 specs are close to what the the Samsung M8800 Pixon offered – 150MB internal storage and a microSD card slot, HSDPA support and Bluetooth.

The Samsung Pixon12 won’t be a smartphone, so expect the usual Samsung TouchWiz UI with some visual upgrades. Responding to the reactions of the end users to the lack of Wi-Fi in the Pixon, Samsung will offer it here in the Pixon12.

Samsung Pixon12 will be available across the Europe in June and will be available worldwide in August.

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