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Jazz with a New Tagline – Jazz Apna Hai!

We are all aware of the famous Jazz “No Samjhota”tagline. We have seen it in the ads, on the billboards, and even heard it on the radio. The entire year of 2009, Mobilink Jazz proclaimed  and reinforced on its dictum of“Coverage, quality aur rates per No Samjhota” and its worked pretty well for the most favorite pre-paid cellular brand of our country.

There is no doubting the fact that Jazz has always been there for its customers with its unmatched customer quality, network strength and extensive coverage with most competitive offers. With its “No Samjhota” tagline, Jazz became just like a dear companion of 30 million customers across Pakistan.

One can safely assume that Jazz, being a brand which has almost become part of the lives of its customers and which keeps families & individuals across Pakistan connected all the time, has tried to convey the same message of staying connected with loved ones by saying; “Jazz apno ko apno se joray”.

This new vision - “Jazz Apna Hai” is a touching promise to its customers that Jazzwill continue to strengthen the bond with its customers and will strive to bring them closer to their loved ones. The new Jazz ad with the “Apna Hai” tagline has done a remarkable job in creating an emotional bond with its customers.

One thought on “Jazz with a New Tagline – Jazz Apna Hai!

  1. Mobile phones over the years have become driver of economic growth in emerging countries. However this does not warrant faux pas or does it? The senseless and pathetic ad campaign run by Mobilink is outrageous to say the least. The whole ad campaign, its new slogan “Apna hai”, actors, actresses, location and shooting paraphernalia was Indian.Being a sensitive Pakistani I have the right to ask this mobile operator why it did not consider the sensitivities of local culture and taboo therein.I loudly protest on this flagrant disregard of our culture and trampling of social norms.

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