Zong offers double balance on recharge

What if you could double your talk time ? what if you could double your balance with the same money you have? not possible as a 100 means 100.

With Zong it’s as simple as 1 + 1,  Rs. 100 means Rs. 200 ! yes, double your balance on every recharge, Zong now brings a ground breaking offer which doubles your balance on every recharge !

With the 100 pai 100 offer Zong customers will be able to receive a 100% free balance on every load of a 100+.

  • The balance will have an expiration date of three days i.e. the free balance can be used within three days.
  • The balance can be used to make on net and off net phone calls only with off net calls restricted to 20% of the total bonus balance
  • Extra incentive: customers that load a balance of more than a Rs1000 will receive a cash bonus of a Rs 100 which may be used for other services besides phone calls. This bonus is on top of the 1000 balance that the customer will receive.


How do I subscribe to this promo?

There is no need for subscribing; the bonus will automatically be updated ounce there is a new recharge.

If I load a balance of 150, how much bonus will I receive?

The bonus that will be added for a recharge of 150 is a 100, bonus is added with multiples of a 100 i.e. if you load a balance of 200 you will receive 200 extra balance.

How will I be charged if I am already on a package like 12 Aanay?

The customer will be charged according to the prescribed package & pulse. A detail of the different scenarios is given as follows:

Package On Net bonus minutes Off Net bonus minutes
80paisa/30sec 50 13
Z20 59 15
Z65 62 15
12 Aanay 53 13
Aik Second 33 8

Can I use the extra recharge for sms or other Vas related services?

No, the extra balance can only be utilized on calls.

Can I use the extra balance to make offnet calls?

Yes, 20% of the balance can be used to make offnet calls while 80% can be used to make onnet calls.

What benefit will I receive if I recharge a balance of Rs 1500?

For every multiple of 100 the customer will receive a balance of a 100 and an extra cash balance of 100 for reaching a 1000. Hence a recharge of a 1500 will receive 1500 extra balance and additional 100 cash.

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