ZONG Introduced Family Pack

Now set yourself free from worries about your mobile bills, minutes, charging intervals , balance ,Late night hours , Day time hours , offer hours , non-offer hours.

ZONG now brings ZONG Family Pack. By which you, your friends or your family can talk to freely without worry about how long you call and how much its going to cost.

Now dial 930 and set yourself free.

For example there are three ZONG prepaid subscribers called A, B and C. A can subscribe to ZONG Family Pack by dialing 930 for a monthly charge of PKR 799+tax.

After subscription

  • A calls B for free
  • A calls C for free
  • B calls C for free
  • B calls A for free
  • C calls A for free
  • C calls B for free

The diagram below shows this relationship as well.


After subscription you will be able to use the service for the next 30 days.


What are the monthly charges?
PKR 799+tax.

How often can I change my numbers?
You can change your numbers only once every 30 days.

Is this only for prepaid customers?
This service is only valid for ZONG prepaid subscribers.

Can I add friends on other networks on this offer as well?
Every ZONG prepaid subscriber can be added on it. Just call 310 and ask them how your friends can become ZONG customers while keeping their current number and network code.

Till when is the offer Valid?
This is only valid for a limited time so subscribe now!!!

What is the price after tax?
There is 19.5% tax on telecom services as per the rules of the Government of Pakistan. Hence after tax this will cost you only PKR 955 only.

How can I subscribe to this service?
Just dial 930 to subscribe.

What is the fair usage policy on this offer?
In order to avoid abuse the fair usage policy of this offer is 25000 minutes.

If I add one person can that person also be added by someone else?
Yes, however the person who pays (Subscriber A) can only pay for one only.

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