wi-tribe Supports Flood Relief Efforts

In Pakistan, wi-tribe employees organized a ‘Relief Drive’ using donations from their salaries to support victims of the devastating floods. wi-tribe employees volunteered their time to procure, pack, transport and distribute the goods themselves. With the much appreciated aid of the Pakistan Army stationed at Kot Addu, a very organized relief effort was executed, utilizing 100% of the funds to provide over 200 family care packages containing 1 month of relief rations and goods.

With each care package, wi-tribe provided a family of 5 with 1 ration sack (36 Kg of food supplies including powdered milk, cooking spices, rice, sugar, dates, cooking oil, pulses, energy biscuits, tea and non-food supplies including antiseptic soap, sanitary pads, candles, ORS, mosquito repellent, and anti-rash cream) + 1 sack of wheat (10 Kg) + 2 Jerry cans (with a capacity of 20 Litres each) + mineral water + 1 bag of mixed pickle (1 Kg), all amounting to 30 days of consumables for a family of 5.

Talking about the relief efforts, Mustafa Peracha, CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan said, “Considering the devastation that has taken place, we felt it was our obligation as members of society to reach out to those suffering in the wake of the floods. I am proud to say that wi-tribers worked as one team and initiated an internal relief effort drive to not only contribute financially to the cause, but also volunteered to visit the affected areas ourselves.”

While individual wi-tribe employees have donated generously to the cause, the wi-tribe Group has also made a donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which has worked in Pakistan since 1947 and is an international leader in bringing relief to war and disaster stricken areas around the world.

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