Twitter facing problems in traffic

For last many days I have been noticing that twitter is facing a lot of problems regarding maintaining their traffic. Twitter is overflowed for many days; you might have experienced this downtime as well. I was thinking what exactly happened to the Twitter so I researched a bit according to Twitter’s official blog due to FIFA world Cup they are experiencing very high spikes in traffic  In their engineering blog they said

What happened?
In brief, we made three mistakes:

  • We put two critical, fast-growing, high-bandwidth components on the same segment of our internal network.
  • Our internal network wasn’t appropriately being monitored.
  • Our internal network was temporarily misconfigured.

What we’re doing to fix it

  • We’ve doubled the capacity of our internal network.
  • We’re improving the monitoring of our internal network.
  • We’re rebalancing the traffic on our internal network to redistribute the load.

Twitter Over Capacity Snapshot

Many of the young twitter users have quit using twitter due to these over capacity problems. Twitter has to do something with their over capacity issue otherwise they have to pay very badly for it.

Here are today’s site tweeks

We’re temporarily lowering the API rate-limit to 75 from 175; we do plan to reestablish the higher API rate-limit later today.

Update (9:35 AM PST, 16:35 UTC): We’ve temporarily disabled integrated search.

Update (9:50 AM PST, 16:50 UTC): We’ve reenabled integrated search.

Update (10:20 AM PST, 17:20 UTC): The API rate-limit has been restored to 175.

Update (13:09 PST, 20:09 UTC): Users may be experiencing some delay with their timelines; we’re aware of this and working to resolve this.

Update (13:45 PST, 20:45 UTC): Timelines are no longer delayed.

Update (20:55 PST, 03:45 UTC): Lists are temporarily disabled.

Update (21:22 PST, 04:22 UTC): Users will temporarily not see Tweet counts on their home pages; they remain on the profile pages. SMS delivery of tweets was disabled for approximately 30 minutes but should now be restored.

Update (22:05 PST, 05:05 UTC):Lists and Tweet counts are now back.

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