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The SMS that changed his life!

Tariq Mehmood who is father of four children, two sons and two daughters is a government employee and works with the relief agencies in Bagh, Azad Kashmir. Like any Mobilink Jazz user, Tariq is fun loving and an optimist by nature which is why he could not resist participating in the Mobilink Jazz SMS Khazana contest. Hooked to the thrill of winning, the brain tease, Tariq kept accumulating points. Little did he know that these SMSes will completely change his life and that happened when he was declared the 1st winner of Jazz SMS Khazana Weekly Prize of Rs. 500,000/-

Munching on the treats laid out in his honour at Mobilink House, Tariq shared with the Mobilink Jazz Brand team that he had never taken part in any contest of this nature before. This was his first time and he did so because he had faith in the company. He said, “I knew Mobilink is a big company and I have been using Jazz number for last 5 years, I fully trusted the company and their SMS Khazana campaign. I decided to give my luck a try aur Allah kay karam se sab Acha ho gaya!” Senior members of the Mobilink team met Tariq and asked him for his feedback on the Mobilink Jazz SMS Khazana before handing him his cheque for Rs 500,000. Using the prize money Tariq plans to start a small side-business as he believes this way he will be in a much better position to support his family as well as his ageing parents. Tariq was extremely thankful to Allah and everyone involved for totally changing his life. He said, “I believe everyone should take a chance in life because unless you give it a try, you won’t cimage002-Mediumome to know what luck has in store for you.”image001

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