SOFTEC 2010, 6th International and 15th National Event, will take place on 20th and 21st of March 2010, at FAST-NU Lahore Campus. The annual SOFTEC event is now the most anticipated, the most celebrated and the most participated-in event held at the FAST-NU. It has deeply entwined its roots in the culture of the university and has become a highly esteemed tradition. As the slogan of SOFTEC 2010 proclaims “a desire to dream, dare and do”, the event is aimed at producing a valor in students to come up with their creative ideas to bring in positive changes. SOFTEC team organizes over six competitions catering interests of audience from different fields, a variety of exhibition attracting people of all ages and eves. The competitions held at SOFTEC are Software Competition, Engineering Competition, Microcontroller Interfacing Competition, Programming Competition, Gen.x gaming Competition, Embedded Robots Competition, Ideas Xtreme. Registration of the competitions has begun.

SOFTEC, the Software Exhibition and Competition, is an annual event at FAST National University (FAST-NU) Lahore. It is a pioneer and exclusive I.T. extravaganza to recognize talent and promote creative and tech savvy culture in our country.  For the past fourteen years this I.T. extravaganza has enriched the awareness of students and professionals alike, providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas, an environment for the showcase of exceptional professional skill and a platform for innovation.

Since its advent with a single competition in 1995, SOFTEC has grown yearly, now boasting of nearly a dozen different competitions and exhibitions. Participants in the competitions come from as far away as India, Iran, Nepal, Saudi Arabia,  Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, UK, USA, Australia , and no I.T. industry player chooses to miss this opportunity to reach the tens of thousands of visitors who come each year. SOFTEC is now the most highly promoted event with the highest participation ratio held at FAST-NU.  It has deeply entwined its roots in the culture of the university and has become a highly esteemed tradition.

The main events of SOFTEC 2010 are:


* Software Competition
* Engineering Project Competition
* Programming Competition
* G3n.X Gaming Competition
* Microcontroller Interfacing Competition
* Embedded Robot Exhibition and competition
* IdeasXtreme Competition


* Software House Enclosure
* Sponsor’s Enclosure
* Software Exhibition
* Engineering Project Exhibition
* Kidz Corner
* Food Court

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