Qtel’s wi-tribe to launch wireless broadband service

Internet users in Pakistan are set to experience a new lifestyle of instant, simple, convenient and user friendly wireless broadband internet.

The wi-tribe Pakistan, a Qtel Group company, will provide increased freedom and ease of use with their ‘plug and play’ wireless broadband internet, offering the people of Pakistan a reliable service they can trust. Internet users in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad will experience this new freedom.

With their corporate offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain, wi-tribe successfully launched their first operations in Jordan in 2008, with Pakistan being the second ‘tribe’ to join their network. Over the past three years, the Qtel Group has built a successful track record of acquisitions, expanding its network from 2 to 17 countries within the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, connecting more than 57 million customers. The wi-tribe experience aims to offer the best customer care and user support within the communications market. By doing so wi-tribe aims to become the leading broadband wireless access (BWA) provider in Pakistan. staff report

Source: Daily Times Pakistan

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