Pomegranate NS08 Smartphone

Pomegranate NS08 Smartphone – We have nice smartphone today, Pomegranate NS08 Smartphone. Smart phone is loaded with all features, but you can set a cup of coffee? Or you can make a beard? You can play a harmonica? Pomegranate NS08 does all these things, then some smart phones can not. Therefore, where you can buy this great device?

Pomegranate NS08 smartphone is a very good mobile phone with latest technology. Below the features of this gadget.

Pomegranate NS08 Smartphone Features

  • GPS Navigator
  • Camera 8.2 M.P
  • MP3 and video player
  • Global voice translator , so no language barrier between the others.
  • HD projector
  • Shavers
  • Coffee maker
  • Harmonica.

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