Multinet Pakistan, in collaboration with Epsilon launches eConnect, the Carrier Neutral Interconnect Platform and its ePoP services in Karachi. The eConnect Hub in South Asia will effectively cater to the growing demand for the fast and cost effective exchange of voice and data traffic between local telecom operators in Pakistan while providing a managed presence for local and international Carriers.

The new eConnect does not only provide a carrier neutral ‘meet-me-room’, it also offers access to international capacity from Karachi to Epsilon’s European and Asian network.

eConnect is the largest Global ‘Meet-Me-Room’ for Voice and Data Connectivity, linking the major regional Telecom Hubs around the World. Epsilon’s reach extends to over 50 Global Telehouses, enabling access to approximately 1000 Operators and Service Providers, 270 of which are already pre-connected to the network. A network backbone of robust and low latency coupled with quick and effective deployment of new services ensures quality of service and speed of delivery to the customers.

Mr. Adnan Asdar Ali, CEO, Multinet said: “Multinet is working towards taking Pakistan’s fixed telecommunication market to the next level of operational and business efficiency. Epsilon’s e-connect platform leverages existing investments of collaborating operators to create time and CAPEX efficiency solutions for the end business users”.

This initiative will enable domestic and international carriers to enjoy seamless network access to all local networks in Pakistan, managed by a single Carrier Neutral party, thus effectively facilitating the delivery of end-to-end solutions.

Epsilon Managed Presence, ePoP, offers international and domestic Carriers to rent multiplexing facilities to host their incoming bandwidth, distributing it to the desired network partners without the need of having physical co-location themselves. This reduces costs in regards to CAPEX and ongoing maintenance support.

eConnect and ePoP are now widely deployed across the main Telecom hubs globally and the expansion into Pakistan will provide the desired platform to reach out to the growing demands of customers in South Asia. Other services that are also available include Epsilon’s managed aggregation or distribution service platform and Epsilon’s Enterprise Connect, through which local tails to enterprise locations can be provided.


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