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Mobilink’s Efforts for Anti-Polio Campaign Acknowledged by Prime Minister

Mobilink has once again reiterated its commitment to making Pakistan “Polio Free” by taking a novel and out of the box initiative that will help Polio Control Cell in tracking missed areas and children this year

via an SMS-based service. Through this SMS service, Mobilink subscribers will be able to report missed areas and children by texting POLIO to 7456. The Polio Control Cell will then contact the concerned polio teams

to take action to ensure that the respective health authorities immunize the missed children in their localities.

At the launch of the anti-polio campaign held yesterday, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani acknowledged Mobilink’s efforts saying, “Since February 2008, when the Prime Minister’s Action Plan on polio was launched, there has been tangible progress in the polio drive with the involvement of sectors beyond health. Today organizations like NADRA, National Highways & Motorways Police, Traffic Police in major cities, Pakistan Post, major media organizations and most recently the telecom sector are playing a vital role in helping us reach more children. In the current round, the country’s largest mobile operator Mobilink, is helping us track and reach missed children. Now parents can send a text message reporting missed areas for children to the national polio control cell and a polio team will be dispatched to their homes within one hour.”

Last year, as part of corporate social responsibility initiative, Mobilink joined hands with Ministry of Health and other partner organizations of the Polio Eradication Fraternity to reach out to millions of parents in select high-risk zones across Pakistan and more than 7 million people were reached with the message to vaccinate their children against polio. This year the campaign aims to reach out to 35 million children under the age of 5. Mobilink stands side by side with the Anti-Polio community to help eradicate polio from Pakistan.

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