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Mobilink Pays Tribute to its Employees

A company is incomplete without its human core. It may be a building with high-tech equipment, it may be an entity with a hefty monetary value yet at its very heart, an organization breathes and lives every day through its workforce. All companies across the world realize the importance of human resource and the uniqueness of this organizational asset. They know, that through good and bad times, it is the people of a company who own up to success and strive to maintain stability against the tough tides.

Mobilink has taken a wonderful and quite a touching initiative to acknowledge its employees for their unwavering dedication and untiring efforts in the company’s success and strong performance in 2009. Starting on a motivational note, “2009 has been a journey…travelled one day at a time. Each day was a milestone…that we achieved as a family. Because of you, today we stand tall”, the video sets the tone for the current year.

In 2010, Mobilink as a family aspires to “Dream Bigger, Connect Better, and uphold its promise of Reshaping Lives” and after watching this motivational video, it is evident that this dream will come true. Full of memorable moments of Mobilink employees, this tribute video is in fact a beautiful idea on part of Mobilink’s management to pay gratitude to its loyal employees. Emotive moves such as this tribute video keeps the employees motivated and feeling connected to their company. Companies should continue to acknowledge and appreciate their workforce from time to time.


One thought on “Mobilink Pays Tribute to its Employees

  1. Interesting. Very good effort on part on a big company like Mobilink. I think other companies should also do this for their employees.

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