LiberKey – Power Of 200+ Hand-Picked Windows Applications Without Installation

Imagine the time-consumed and clutter on your PC if you have to install 200+ software utilities and the resulting performance impact on Windows installation due to all the registry keys, updater and startup launchers of these applications, but not anymore as now you can benefit from an hand-picked selection of best free software collection without the clutter and performance impact via a single-download named – LiberKey, the free “swiss army knife” collection of useful Windows utilities is neatly grouped into categories with a careful selection made after testing more than 1800 software’s, LiberKey is all you need to have 99% of your work done without installing any other software whatsoever, LiberKey offers both local or portable use.

Portable Application Launcher

Liberkey also offers handy features like auto-application updates and temporary file-association to make it even more appealing.

Auto-Application Update

LiberKey Application Update

Liberkey File-association

LiberKey offers three versions according to your requirements as shown below and is available in two languages English and French available at the their website here.


Setup size

Installed size on FAT32
56 Mo
179 Mo

144 Mo

410 Mo
197 Mo
575 Mo

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