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LG Unveils Its New E10 Led Monitor Series

LG Electronics (LG) recently unveiled its new LED monitor series, the E10, which is specifically designed to cut costs and to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

The E10 series brings cost savings and economic value through more efficient energy consumption, while its ergonomic design and eco-friendly technology help improve the office environment. Better still, a wide range of monitor sizes and features make it possible for businesses to select the model that is best-suited to their specific needs.

“We’ve seen a marked increase in demand for practical business products, and LG’s new E10 series is a direct response to this,” said Brian Kwon, Vice President of LG Business Solutions Company. “As ever, customer desires and needs are what drive new product creation at LG, and they will continue to be the key factor for us at the Business Solutions Company.”

The E10 series includes a range of technologies that put a premium on users’ economic and environmental concerns. In line with LG’s overall eco-friendly policies, E10 monitors consume up to 40 percent less energy than conventional LCD monitors. This technical feat has earned the E10 series Green IT Certification Gold from EPEAT, an environmental ratings agency, and ratings of EPA 5.0 from the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the 5.0 rates of TCO from Total Cost of Ownership Development, owned by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees. And as well as being environmentally conscious, this energy efficiency means much lower bills for users, too.

Also buttressing the E10 series’ eco-credentials, the E10 uses no halogen or mercury, ensuring a healthy environment for users who spend long stretches of time parked in front of their monitors. And thanks to the E10 series’ ergonomic design, users can maintain the correct posture by pivoting the screen and adjusting its height and tilt to their exact requirements.

A true trailblazer in business-friendly monitors, the E10 series includes a host of other excellent functions for the workplace. On the stand, space-saving factors ensure the monitor fits well into any space; a “Keep the Stationary” slot has been carved out on the base of the stand to hold pens and other small stationary; and a built-in speaker also ensures the monitors take up no more room than is necessary. What’s more, thanks to their narrow bezel, E10 monitors can be lined up together to form multi-vision screens.

In addition, the clear images of E10 monitors – delivered via a mega contrast ratio and 250nits of brightness – ensure eye strain is kept to a minimum. And thanks to the monitors’ wide-viewing angle, it’s easy to watch and share on-screen content with coworkers.

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