Jazz 3000 Minutes + 3000 SMS Offer!

Mobilink Jazz has now given a chance to everyone to become a part of the BIGGEST, LIVELIEST and HAPPIEST cellular family of Pakistan! After running successful campaigns, Mobilink is now rewarding its new customers by offering 3000 Minutes and 3000 SMS upon joining the Mobilink Family. The offer takes the strength of the last acquisition offer of 1000 mins +1000 sms much further by offering THREE TIMES the incentive: 3000 Minutes and 3000 SMS to all customer who buy a Jazz SIM or Port-IN to the Jazz network from 5th October 2010! The OFFER: Subscribers joining Mobilink’s network from 5th October will be eligible to get equal free minutes & SMS as bonus on Rupee usage for 6 months To avail the offer customer needs to subscribe by sending an SMS to short code 424 Maximum free minutes and free SMS in a month will be capped at 500 minutes and 500 SMS Details: All new sales (including MNP) from 5th October and subscribing through SMS on short code ‘424’ will be eligible for the promotion Each month subscriber will get free minutes and free SMS equal to their balance consumption in the last month Each monthly installment will be capped at 500 free minutes and 500 free SMS Cumulative Rupee usage(balance consumption) will be tracked for each month and equal free Minutes and SMS will be given after 10th of every calendar month Free Minutes and SMS will have a validity of 7 days from the date of posting Free Minutes will be for On-net calls only and free SMS will be valid for all local networks It is a limited time promotion

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