Homing Pigeon Faster Than Internet? In S. Africa, Yes

This week, a South African call-center business, frustrated by persistently slow Internet speeds, decided to use a carrier pigeon named Winston to transfer 4 gigabytes of data between two of its offices, just 50 miles apart.

At the same time, a computer geek pushed a button on his computer to send data the old-fashioned way, through the Internet.

Winston the pigeon won. It wasn’t even close.

“Winston arrived after two hours, six minutes, and 57 seconds,” says Kevin Rolfe, head of the information technology department at Unlimited Group, a call-center business based in Durban.

As for the Internet data transfer, he says, “when we finally stopped the computer, about 100 megs had transferred, which is about 4 percent of the total.”[ad#ad-2]

3 thoughts on “Homing Pigeon Faster Than Internet? In S. Africa, Yes

  1. Hi — Just got back from a vacation in Colombia and the hotel we stayed had the slowest internet connection ever. We could have used a few Homing Pigeons get our message across. Fortunately, the next hotel we stayed had a very good internet service.

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