ufone super offer


Ufone Super Call – 24 Hour only Rs. 2.99/Hr

As you know that Ufone Solid offer make market and most popular package of Ufone. After taking back Ufone Solid Offer on 31 March,2010  Ufone shortly introduce Ufone Super Offer. Offer Includes: Ufone to Ufone Call it is going to cost you Rs. 3.57 (including taxes) per call. Offer is available on Uwon, Tension Free,…


Ufone Member Banao Offer

[ad#ad-1]   For the first time in the Pakistan Ufone has introduced a very amazing and unique offer to its customers. According to the offer you can invite up-to 10 on net members to ufone and you will be given commission on usage of balance.Upon every invitation you will get 10 free on-net minutes which…