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EPD and Telenor Pakistan jointly inaugurated the Global Countdown digital game

The Environment Protection Department (EPD) and Telenor Pakistan jointly inaugurated the Global Countdown game here in Children’s Library Complex, today. The digital role-playing game is based on the idea of creating environmental awareness among the youth.  The game was designed by Telenor Norway and gifted to Telenor Pakistan as part of the celebrations of Telenor’s…

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Warid Leads The Service Excellence Way

Pakistan cellular industry has reached to a level where competition is going neck to neck and in such a competitive environment of cellular industry in Pakistan where, the price war is reaching its pinnacle, technology is on a boost and competition is fighting to provide more & more coverage but there is only one thing…


Printers to get Email Addresses

The NYTimes is reporting today that HP will shortly announce printers which have an email address, are always online and are fully touchscreen, and eagerly waiting for print jobs to come in from you. According to the article, HP is claiming that the printers are built for the “iPhone age” because HP has been losing…