Printers to get Email Addresses

The NYTimes is reporting today that HP will shortly announce printers which have an email address, are always online and are fully touchscreen, and eagerly waiting for print jobs to come in from you. According to the article, HP is claiming that the printers are built for the “iPhone age” because HP has been losing…


Multitasking Support for iPhone in OS 4.0

According to some inside source of Apple , the next version of Apple iPhone’s OS will support the multitasking which will allow users to switch between the different third-party applications.According to a well known blog the internal source of Apple has confirmed that they have provided the multitasking solutions. If Apple introduces this feature than…


Iphone OS 4.0 is coming?

Rumors are starting to circulate about the next revision of the iPhone; everything from front facing cameras for video chat to larger capacities have been rumored. While we don’t know the hardware changes, evidence has surfaced that iPhone OS 4.0 is now being tested. BGR has found evidence of the OS being tested in their…


Google to Launch Music Service soon

As we know Google is the biggest company on internet they have a great search engine, a good E-mail service , biggest video sharing website and many more useful service. Google is now working to launch its new music service. According to sources the name of the service will be Google Audio.It will be partnered…